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Accomplish - Feet & Techniques

In this class, join instructor Chris Tryon and go further with your Baby Lock Accomplish! You'll cover all the accessory feet that came with your machine. You'll learn a variety of techniques using each foot from the perfect 1/4" quilt piecing to creating a rolled hem to inserting 3 different types of zippers and so much more!

Accomplish - accessory feet covered in this class & that came with your machine:

   *  Flex-reaction (BLQP-FR)
   *  Free-motion quilting (BLQP-FM)
   *  General purpose (BLQP-GP)
   *  Invisible zipper (BLQP-IZF)
   *  1/4" Quilting Foot (BLQP-QF)
   *  Rolled hem (BLQP-RH)
   *  Walking (BLQP-WF)
   *  Zipper (BLQP-ZF)
   *  Seam Guide (BLQP-SG)

Video length: 61:05 minutes

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Additional Information

Class Difficulty: Basic
Class Instructor: Chris Tryon

Availability: In stock