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Brilliant - Feet & Techniques

This class is jam-packed with all kinds of accessory feet and techniques! Instructor, Sara Gallegos, will show you all the feet listed below, as well as, a ton of fun techniques. From gathering, to elastic, wing needles, twin needles, and creating custom piping, you'll love this class on the Baby Lock Brilliant!

The following feet and accessories are discussed in this class:

   *  Quarter Inch Foot with a Guide (ESG-QGF)
   *  Walking Foot (BLG-WF)
   *  Quilting Guide (BLG-QG)
   *  Free-Motion Quilting Foot (ESG-TP)
   *  Stitch Guide Foot (BLG-SGF)
   *  Button Sewing Foot (BLG-BFF)
   *  Buttonhole Foot (BLG-BH)
   *  Zipper Foot (BLG-WZF)
   *  Blind Stitch Foot (BLG-BSF)
   *  Cording Foot - 3 Cord (ESG-CF3) - Accessory not included with machine
   *  Bridging Plate (BLDY-FP) - Accessory not included with machine
   *  Metal Open Toe Foot (BLSY-OT)
   *  Monogram Foot (BLG-MF)

Video length: 36:10 minutes

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Additional Information

Class Difficulty: Basic
Class Instructor: Sara Gallegos

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