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HoopWorks Basics

Do you have a machine with a smaller hoop, but still want to use designs bigger than your maximum embroidery field? Do you have a multi-position hoop and want to know how to break a design to use with it? HoopWorks by Designer’s Gallery will automatically break large designs to fit your hoops!

In this class we will run through a number of exercises to explore the design splitting features in HoopWorks. We will discuss how you can use HoopWorks for both multi-position hoops and multi-fabric splitting. We will also discuss how using a template created in the CustomWorks or Studio programs will help stitch the design “back together” so it looks perfect. This class covers the basic features of HoopWorks.

Video length: 58:56 minutes

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Additional Information

Class Difficulty: Basic
Class Instructor: April Dunn

Availability: In stock