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Zip It Up!

Zippers don't have to be intimidating! Take this class with expert sewist, Pam Damour, and go on a zipper sewing adventure! She'll walk you through several techniques step by step. You'll explore bottom edge zipper insertion on projects such as basic pillows and insertion between trims like piping and ruffles. You'll also learn placket, boxed pillow, and pocket zippers.

Optional accessories used in this class: Double Cording Foot 4-6mm (BLSO-DCF6), Double Cording Foot 7-8mm (BLSO-DCF8), Open Toe Foot (ESG-OT), Teflon Zipper Foot (BLDY-TZF)

Video length: 74:22 minutes

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Additional Information

Class Difficulty: Basic
Class Instructor: Pam Damour

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